Episode 001:  Dirty Harry (1971) — The Vigilante, the History, and Beginnings
Episode 002:  The Wages of Fear (1953) — Playing Genre, Masculinity, and the Post-War World
Episode 003:  It Follows (2014/5) — Teenage Body Horror, Modern Decay, and It
Episode 004:  The Shop Around the Corner (1940) — Romantic Fantasies, Cults of Personality, and the Chaos of Capital
Episode 005:  The Swimmer (1968) — The Surreality and Collapse of WASP Culture
Episode 006:  The Wicker Man (1973) — On Christopher Lee’s Legacy and the Trials of Religion
Episode 007:  Jurassic Park (1993) and Jurassic World (2015) — Blockbuster Spectacle and Reconstituting the Family
Episode 008:  Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and The Secret of Roan Inish (1994) — the Pastoral and the Child
Episode 009:  Last Night (1998) — Finding the Self in the Canadian Apocalypse
Episode 010:  Into the Wardrobe with The Goonies (1985) — The 80s Child (or, How I Learned to Find a Pirate Ship on a Weekend)
Episode 011:  The People Under the Stairs (1991) —  Wes Craven’s Legacy and an Unusual Mythic Terror
Episode 012:  A Christmas Carol (1951) — The Terror of the Past, Present, and Future
Episode 013:  Near Dark (1987) — The Vampire, the Western, and the Setting Sun
Episode 014:  The 2016 Oscars Nominees (a.k.a. GripeFest 2016)
Episode 015:  High Noon (1952) —  Masculine Heroes, the Old West, American “Values,” and Late Oscars
Episode 016:  Into the Wardrobe with The Last Unicorn (1982) — Fairytales and the Natural World

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