Episode 2. The Wages of Fear (1953): Playing Genre, Masculinity, and the Post-War World

Playing Genre, Masculinity, and the Post-War World!

In our second episode, we open by discussing what we’ve been watching, how films “stand the test of time,” and the supposed problem with the Hollywood blockbuster.  Plus, there’s a little bonus conversation about the state of horror films since 2000.

The main event involves Henri-Georges Clouzot’s suspense thriller, The Wages of Fear (1953).  We cover some of its history, the underlying politics, the film’s play on genre and suspense, and much more.


Download Episode 002 (The Wages of Fear)(MP3)

Show Notes:

  • The Wages of Fear (1953)
  • Further Reading:
    • Henri-Georges Clouzot by Christopher Lloyd
    • French Cinema from the Liberation to the New Wave (1945-1958) by André Bazin
    • Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Next Month’s Film (selected by Shaun):
  • Our intro/outro music comes from “Sundancer” by Wild Shores. Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0

The Wages of Fear -- 1953

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