Episode 1. Dirty Harry (1971): The Vigilante, the History, and Beginnings

The Vigilante, the History, and Beginnings!

In this inaugural episode of Totally Pretentious, David and Shaun introduce the show and discuss the iconic Dirty Harry (1971), from its influence to its underlying mythologies.  They also reveal next month’s film, which you can watch along with us!

Download Episode 001 (Dirty Harry)(MP3)

Show Notes:

  • Dirty Harry (1971)
  • Further Reading:
    • The Dream Life:  Movies, Media and the Mythology of the Sixties by J. Hoberman
    • Conversations with Clint:  Paul Nelson’s Lost Interviews with Clint Eastwood (1979-1983) edited by Kevin Avery
    • Clint Eastwood:  A Cultural Production by Paul Smith
    • The American Thriller:  Generic Innovation and Social Change in the 1970s by Paul Cobley
    • The Blood Poets: A Cinema of Savagery 1958-1999 by Jake Horsley
    • Deeper into Movies by Pauline Kael
    • Reeling by Pauline Kael
  • Next Month’s Film (selected by David):
  • Our intro/outro music comes from “Sundancer” by Wild Shores. Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0

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