Quick Update: Totally Pretentious Podcast and Blog Feeds

If you’re a subscriber of The Skiffy and Fanty Show, which David and I are both a part of, you’ll have heard about the weirdness going on with our Feedburner feeds.  Though Totally Pretentious was not nearly as affected by S&F, there still may have been some changes or weirdness happening with the feeds.

So, to clear all that up, there are two feeds:

The latter feed funnels podcasts into iTunes, though whether iTunes will register it properly is up in the air (it’s not registering Skiffy at all, so I’m probably going to contact support for both podcasts to make sure they are reading correctly).  The former gives you all of the content on the blog, including the podcasts.  If you use some kind of podcast catcher, you’ll want to use the second feed; just make sure to subscribe to the full feed in Feedly or something so you can get the awesome blog content, too.

Hopefully, this won’t be a big deal for Totally Pretentious.  We’re still pretty small, after all.


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