Next Month’s Film (and Where to Watch It): The Swimmer (1968)

As we announced at the end of Episode 4 (on The Shop Around the Corner (1940)), our next film for discussion will be Frank Perry and Sydney Pollack’s The Swimmer (1968).  Episode 5 will drop on the first, which means you’ve got a little under a month to watch the film!

Here’s how to watch it:

  • Google Play:  $2.99 (Rent) / $9.99 (Buy)
  • VUDU:  $3.99 or $2.99 (Rent HDX, HD, or SD) / $13.99 or 9.99 (Buy HDX, HD, or SD)
  • Amazon:  $3.99 or $2.99 (Rent HD or SD) / $12.99 or $9.99 (Buy HD or SD)
  • Netflix:  DVD Rental Only

We hope to hear your thoughts or questions leading up to the episode.

Happy viewing!
The Swimmer -- 1968

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